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The full-service law office of Attorney-at-Law Robert (Bob) D. McGee is dedicated to protecting your legal rights. We provide individualized attention to every case, down to the smallest details, ensuring you receive the best legal services possible.


When bankruptcy becomes a viable option, an experienced legal advocate is a must. We offer Chapter VII legal services exclusively, including legal counseling to determine if Chapter VII is the appropriate decision for you and/or your business.

Make an Informed Decision.


Criminal Cases

Finding yourself caught up in criminal charges is frightening. With years of courtroom experience, defending clients on charges ranging from simple traffic tickets to major felonies, we can help ease your fears and defend your rights to the fullest.

Fight for Your Future.



Even minor misdemeanor charges can have major consequences if left undefended. Traffic tickets can increase insurance rates, and cases involving drug and alcohol can interfere with employment opportunities and custody rights. Why risk it?

Protect Your Record.

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